Hello! My name is Nicole Parente (she/her). I have been a licensed Social Worker for almost 9 years. I have worked with clients experiencing many different concerns including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief and loss, chronic pain, sexual abuse, and trauma. I have special interest in working with people/couples who are wanting to strengthen their relationships, those working to deepen their connection to their bodies and sexuality, those experiencing loss & grief, and with clients experiencing women’s health related issues.

As your counselor I strive to create an environment that feels open, encouraging, and empowering. I like to use modalities and therapeutic techniques that work best for you. Some examples of modalities I use are journaling, mind-body techniques (like mindfulness or clinical hypnosis), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I like to encourage my clients to spend time outside of our sessions investing in their growth, meaning I might ask you to spend dedicated time intentionally working on your goals. Together we will create a plan that is uniquely designed for your needs.

I strive to be anti-oppressive in my counseling. I am committed to continuously learning how to better serve my clients, and that means I need to be a lifelong learner. I believe that part of being an anti-oppressive counselor is being an advocate for change on the community and political level. I acknowledge the impact that systemic and political oppression have on individual mental health and bring that awareness with me into sessions always.

  • Availability: Monday through Wednesday 9am-2pm;
  • Friday 9am-2pm

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