Our Services

Individual Therapy

Life can seem more difficult at certain times. This can happen during a significant transition, in the middle of or after a crisis, or due to a challenging childhood. In individual therapy, we focus on supporting you in increasing your self-esteem, accessing your inner strength and resilience, and helping you to learn more about yourself by exploring your thoughts and feelings. Areas that are typically addressed in individual counseling include feelings of anxiety, depression, feeling “stuck” or unhappy, as well as trauma, grief and loss, work-life balance, and general life transitions.

Couples Therapy

In a safe environment couples have the opportunity to go beyond surface emotions and express deeper feelings. The goals are for the couple to communicate effectively, to learn healthy conflict resolutions skills and to re-build intimacy and trust. For couples in long-term relationships, ongoing issues can be more safely discussed in the presence of a neutral and compassionate couples counselor. We provide couples counseling, pre-marital and marital therapy.

Family Therapy

The family is a social system where change or illness in one family member may impact the larger family dynamic. Our therapists use a family systems perspective to understand family history, communication patterns and dynamics to see the bigger picture of the presenting problem and develop strategies for long-term improvement.

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a powerful way to heal; in fact, research has demonstrated that group therapy is as effective as individual therapy. Through groups, we realize we are not alone in our struggles, that other people – wonderful, talented and strong people – struggle just like us. Through observing others, we begin to see that our pain is not unique and we are more normal than we think. We learn to accept and provide support.

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