Mental Health Moment: Coping Skills

mental health moment self-care Jul 24, 2022

How do you Cope with the Hard Stuff?

There are healthy and unhealthy coping skills make a plan be prepared with healthy coping strategies to get through the hard stuff

Self-care can be a part of the plan ...most importantly make a plan.


Hi, Chante Meadows CEO and founder of Meadows Counseling Group. Today I want to talk to you about coping skills, coping strategies.

Oftentimes, we put a lot of emphasis on self-care which is very, very important. Self-care is that thing we do to take care of ourselves, to have our own alone time to go get a manicure and a pedicure. We talk about journaling and things of that nature. But coping skills are equally as important. In coping skills, usually the stress has already shown up, the anxiety has shown up to depression has shown up, meaning the hard stuff has already entered in our life and we have to do something to cope with it. Something to deal with it, something to help us feel a little bit better. It's hard to wait until we're already in those moments to decide what am I going to do right now when I'm feeling pretty crappy to decide how I'm not going to feel crappy.

So I'm encouraging you to come up with your plan. Have a strategy, know what your skills and your techniques are that help you feel better.

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