Mental Health Moment: Your Mindset Matters

mental health moment Mar 26, 2024

Hi, Dr. Chante Meadows here, Founder of Meadows Counseling Group. And I just wanted to hop on to offer you a little bit of insight that your mindset, it does matter. If for example, you're getting ready to go to the beach, and you're like, oh my god, it's too hot, too many people, the sun is gonna give me a sunburn, the water is too cold, it's salty, there's sand is going to be between my toes, and that's going to hurt. And if before you even arrive to the beach, you've already had a mindset that it's going to be a pretty horrible experience. Nine out of 10 when you arrive to the beach, it's not going to be a good experience, your mindset really does matter.

So I want to encourage you and give you this insight. What if you gave life a chance to have some good possibilities? Meaning, give it a chance to just be why don't you show up and see what happens? What's the new experience going to be like? Give it a positive thought, what good could come from it? What positive experience? Can I have situation?

Just give life a chance, try not to write everything off or situations or experiences all as bad before you've even arrived? So check your mindset occasionally of how you are living life, how you're looking at things, how you're experiencing new experiences, how things that could be good. Are you giving it a chance to be good? So the mindset really does matter.


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